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A bit about Irene:

Born in 1947, in St. Fidele, QC., moved to Cross Point in the early 1960's, worked at Radio Engineering, (for $0.60/hour) married, moved to Atholville, then Campbellton, had two children, Johanne and Robert. Was a stay at home mother for years, then divorced and went to work for then Social Services as a Switchboard Operator then worked myt way up to being an Income Maintenance Worker, after 11 years, went to work for Legare / Woodhouse for another 11 years as their office clerk and accounts receivable collector. Then worked for Dept of Tourism for 6 months which led to a 10 years job as manager of the Community Access Center. My next jobs were with Canada Census and Statistics Canada. I've created many websites for local organisations and businesses, I've held a spot at one of our summer kiosks on the waterfront selling crafts and things for the first 4 years that they were opened.

All along those years, I volunteered with the Restigouche Naturalist Club as secretary, treasurer, and member; the Royal Canadian Legion with their shuffleboard, darts, crib and on the Executive; the Campbellton Philatelic Club; I was a member and secretary for the Restigouche Genealogy Club; and I represented the Legion sitting on their board of directors with the Memorial Gardens. I was the president of the Soul Catcher's Campbellton Camera Club for a few years. I wrote Campbellton's Family Album history books Volume One and Two; put together 26 issues of Old News Tidbits and old photos Newsletter; created Atholville Souvenir Photo Album Volume One and Two. I've also gathered over 50,000 old photos of the area. I am presently putting together a commemorative book to our Veterans, and a book of the Athol House, Ferguson family which had ties to the Busteed, Mair, Armstrong, Fraser, Jellet families.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of little things such as providing the City of Campbellton and the Tribune with history and photos. Helping friends with their computers, giving private introduction to computer courses. As you can see on this site I also knit, crochet, play guitar, sing a bit, paint in oils, take a whole lot of photos and lately started taking linedancing lessons :) Hoping to officially retire in July.

UPDATE: October 21, 2016, have now been officially retired for 5 years and loving every minute of it ;)

Irene can be reached at Irene Doyle

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